Our Story

In 2005 I became a freelance beauty therapist going under the name ‘My Time’ and I began to build a little world of clients that captured my vision of beauty; an experience of peace, calm and rest.

That evolved and soon I became established as Deborah Harper Makeup & Beauty based in Donaghadee. I am so grateful for those years, they where the foundation in what was to come.

2011 marked the beginning of massive, exciting change as Marian, Cara and myself opened the doors of the beautiful old railway station and we became team DHMB.

Today, Amy, Jasmine, Marian, Cara, Ruth, Sarah Roz and I work together, supporting each other, united in our passion to create a welcoming space that is authentic, restful and restorative. 

It is the evolution of our team that has inspired this new chapter. It reflects how we have all grown and how grateful I am to each of the girls who have held my hand in the best and worst of times and who care so deeply for each other.

We are Harper Beauty.

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